Shipping Policy

Transportation time:
Once you place an order, it will be immediately synchronized with our warehouse. The warehouse will then package and dispatch the order according to its specifications. Order processing and shipping are typically completed within 1-2 business days, and delivery takes around 3 days after shipping.

Transportation costs
All of our products ship with standard shipping and deliver within 6-10 business days. Shipping is $5.95 per order.

We do not charge any taxes.

Order delay
In case of force majeure, order delivery will be delayed. It can be effectively resolved through email communication.

Logistics information
If you want to inquire about logistics related information, please contact the customer service center:

Order could not be delivered
If your order cannot be delivered due to address or other problems. We will notify you within 3 working days to cancel the order for you. And complete the refund for you within 15 working days.