How to remove acrylic paint from clothing and exterior walls and wood and glass?

How to remove acrylic paint from clothing and exterior walls and wood and glass?

There are many ways to remove acrylic paint from different materials. Keep in mind that acids are water-soluble and can be effectively removed with the right amount of effort. The method described in this article is suitable for small applications, such as clothing or curtains, and even for paint drying. But the effect is best when it is not dry.

Mix together ammonia, white vinegar and salt. Then pour the solution into a bowl or sprayer. Dip the sponge in the solution to treat the material. Rinse repeatedly until the acrylic paint is completely removed. Wash and dry according to product instructions. Ammonia and vinegar can bleach fabrics. If you have concerns, hydrolyze the solution in a ratio of three to one and soak for a few hours before washing.

If paint is spilled on the carpet, it is best to remove it with a wet vacuum cleaner as much as possible before drying. Soak the carpet with a mixture of detergent and water and scrub the stains. Then dry the carpet again with a wet vacuum. Repeat this process until the paint is completely removed. Turn on as many fans as you can and run them for 24 hours. This will keep the carpet from getting moldy.

If the paint is already dry, use the same method. But the solution that needs to be mixed with scour and water above all is soaked after a few hours is wiped, handle carpet with wet vacuum cleaner.

There are also many products that can be used for less sensitive surfaces such as concrete, bricks and walls. For example, removing acrylic paint directly with acetone is a good idea. Since chemicals are dangerous, they should always be used in accordance with the instructions. If the surface can withstand the impact, sandblasting is also a good alternative.