Can acrylic paint be used on fabric?

Can acrylic paint be used on fabric?

Absolutely no problem!!!

The pigment used to paint t-shirts -- propylene. Also called acrylic pigment. Its characteristics are: water soluble, can be opened with hydration. But after drying, it has waterproof effect and can be repeated. Dry strength. Strong adhesion, can adhere to glass, cloth, wood and other materials, wind and rain will not fade and peeling.

The color of the time to be patient, because textiles are not as smooth as paper, but there are some fibers crisscross, the color of the beginning will feel very dry, painted on the feeling, so the color of the time as much as possible to tune some, do not be afraid of waste. Saturate the pen before applying. The first time is not good, and then again, the second time will be a little smoother.

Be sure to use a hair dryer to dry paint. Can not wash off, if let the pigment natural shade dry, part of the color is easy to fade.It is recommended to try it with old clothes first.Magazines must be placed in the lining of the garment, otherwise the whole garment is finished

Wearing a T-shirt that you drew, you'll feel good. When the ene pigment is relatively thin, it will fade when washed.