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Acrylic Paint

Experience a New Level of Artistry with Our Premium Acrylic Paints. Elevate your creations with vibrant colors and unmatched quality. Unleash your potential today!

Desktop Easel

Step into a world where your art takes center stage – our thoughtfully designed easel stands not only support your creations but also become an integral part of your creative process, elevating your work to new heights of expression

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Multifunction lPainting Easel

MIRATUSO multifunction table easel not only can be used for painting but also suitable for artwork, framed photographs, and store signs, posters ect.

Customer Reviews

I love everything about this easel! Easy to assemble and to use. I am able to use it on my lap. Great investment!

Dawn King

Very nice set. My granddaughter loves it and it's a perfect size for her to transport wherever she needs to.I would definitely recommend.

Kathy N

This was returned because my canvases are so much larger than this paint box surface. But it was a beautiful product!


adjustable eisle, holds lots of brushes and ink! it is so what is needed for my art....


Really good well worth the money, I bought for my little sister she loves it.

Dallas G